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    Well, I WAS a Sugoi Devotée...

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    It really irks me that Sugoi has dropped their top-end women's bike short (RSE), but not for the men's line -- they can still buy their RSE shorts. There is a $70 difference in price between the top-of-the-line short and the 2nd model down. I have worn both and that $70 is entirely in the chamois and worth every penny. Jerks. Time to start looking at new shorts, since Sugoi's stitching tends to stink and I've sent at least 2 pair back, in the past. I won't wear poorly-constructed shorts with a garbage chamois. I'll wear shorts that are falling apart if the chamois is awesome.

    They can spout some BS that the higher-end stuff didn't sell to women, but the quickest way to turn off devoted customers is to no longer offer a product that they're willing to pay $240 for. I learned the hard way that all the $100 saddles in the world don't make me as happy as my $260 Selle SMP saddles. The same holds true for shorts. If they cause me pain, I won't wear them, regardless of what a bargain they might be.

    So, can anyone who has worn the RSE recommend similar chamois...?
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    I think I might have an old pair of RSEs, but I only wore them once or twice. Sugois never fit me right -- they don't seem to be made for my shape. I bought them on clearance and I think the chamois is not the most recent version. It was dimpled, IIRC.

    I was a Gore devotee, but they discontinued their long-distance shorts, and when I look at their website today I see one pair of women's bike shorts, with zero information about the chamois.

    In the past, people have recommended Assos and Castelli to me, though I've never tried them because I like to see the chamois first but don't know any local stores that sell them.

    Edit: I finally found other shorts on Gore's site. Their site navigation is terrible, very hard to use. Anyway they seem to have come out with completely new lines of bike clothes. No way to tell if the chamois designs are also new. They have different names, at least. Given that there is zero information about them on the website, I assume Gore considers them an unimportant afterthought.
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    Well, I really love Assos and Castelli stuff for women (the latter brand is particularly decorative and fun) but it’s all VERY hard to find in the UK. I have not tried Alé yet though and their apparel is even more fun and exciting.

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