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    We wimped out because of the wind; I don't like it, but DH hates it even more. Next time he wimps out, I am going. We did walk our usual 4 mile RT to the village and had lunch. It rained overnight on Saturday and though it was warm, still, the roads were wet during the short time window I had to ride on Sunday. We went to my son's in the afternoon and brought hiking shoes for what I thought would be an easy walk on the trails by his house. So, me, DH, DS, and granddaughter in a very fancy backpack/carrier set out for what turned out to be a 3 mile hike around the local pond, with some small hills. There was still a bit of ice in places, but it was mostly just mud or hard packed. He lives in a much more urban area, and it kind of amazed me this was right there. We've been to the pond (it's a beach for the residents), but I had no idea there were trails. When we got to the end of the loop, a couple and their 2 kids were letting their younger son ride his bike around the lot. With no helmet. DH and DS begged me not to open my big mouth, so I didn't. But, it was hard.
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    I hear ya, Crankin. Whenever I see kids riding bikes without helmets, I feel like yelling at the parents, or at least speaking to them about it calmly. But beng unrelated, I keep my mouth shut. It is hard!

    The wind bothers me more than DH. I think because I'm so light, I get blown around more than DH; he has more power to battle through the gusts. We skipped riding yesterday because it was in the low 50s with a stiff north breeze. So, I did laundry and went to the gym instead. Today looks to be in the mid-50s to around 60 with an east wind, not quite as high, so we'll pull on the tights and layers and get out there around 10:30. At least it's sunny!

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