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    May 2008
    northern Virginia

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    One more day of wintry weather and then better conditions are on the way. We got a dusting of snow today, but with temps below freezing the roads are all white with salt. So we are expecting good riding weather this weekend but I may still be stuck indoors if the roads are not clear by then. And with no rain in the forecast, they might not be clear. We'll see. Right now I'm coughing quite a bit just from driving on the salted roads.

    In the meantime, the indoor trainer is sitting in the middle of my living room right now. I programmed the thermostat to not warm up my apartment tonight. So when I get home I will set the bike up and get in a workout.

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    north woods of Wisconsin
    Hope you can get out for a ride, N.Y.

    One thing I really, really don't miss about bicycling in the city is the road salt. That stuff does nasty things to bike parts. They use sand on our rural roads, up here, instead of salt. That I can take.

    My trainer sits ready and waiting for me to use it, if and when, but have managed to get outside and ride, even in some crazy cold weather, so haven't used it, yet. Yup, that's right. I'm still bicycling, daily, and have set a personal record for days of bicycling in below zero weather and the winter isn't even over, yet. To be sure, they are SHORT rides, but they are rides.

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    It's going to be really warm here this weekend, like 50 or so. We got about 5 inches of snow today, but it was hovering at freezing, so not sure what the next couple of days will hold. The local nordic ski place says they'll be open tomorrow, not sure about Friday, when I am not working. I am tentatively supposed to meet my friend in western MA Friday, but I have to wait to get a better idea of the conditions there, about 65 miles west of here.
    It looks like my choices this weekend will be riding or snow shoeing. I am afraid the roads will be a mess of melting snow and of course, I'd have to clean my bike... we will see.
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    We've had some chilly mornings here in central Florida lately, though afternoons have been nice. Since we prefer to leave on our rides no later than 10:30 am (traffic gets a lot worse later), we have to go when it's still chilly (to we wimps!) Yesterday we actually took off on a ride with temps below 60 (I know, LOL, for those of you in most of the US! ) I was wearing tights, wool socks, base layer + Ibex jersey + wind jacket, and ear band. By the end of the ride, the temps had risen to 69, but I still had on all my clothes, though had vented at the neck. I would have peeled layers off, but the wind kicked up big time and was in our face for the return trip, so that made it feel cooler. This morning we had a freeze and are under a wind chill advisory with feels like temps in the 20s. High is to be 54, but that won't be until 3 pm or so. No riding for us today!

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