We watched this documentary about food waste : http://www.foodwastemovie.com/about/ from restaurants, producers..and from us, residents who may buy too much food. Not surprising it's shocking amount of perfectly good food we throw out because it doesn't look "aesthetically" perfect, etc.

In the film, couple met their goal of eating from perfectly good food salvaged from dumpsters in Metro Vancouver for 6 consecutive months. This is food still in their packaging, not broken into.

Occasionally I forget to drink up last 1/4 c. of warmed milk and feel guilty pouring it down the drain next morning.
Having restaurant food dishes that are too large doesn't help if one doesn't take leftovers home.

Every time before I go on vacation, I try to eat up perishable food in fridge. THis time I succeeded only 90%. My freezer isn't as large as the fridge appears from outside.