Just putting a feeler out there. I'm rebuilding my size small Surly Krampus into a Medium Karate Monkey when the backordered frameset comes in next month. I'll need to find a new home for the Krampus. It's in great condition. No chips. A little frame rub from brake cables in a couple of spots. Metallic emerald green 'Moonlit Swamp' color. Sizing is funky on a mountainbike. Very low standover. But mountainbikes use incredibly short stems compared to road bikes. The sizing chart put me on a small, but I needed a medium. One thing, my inseam was so long I couldn't really raise the seatpost high enough. Even with a Thompson 410 mm seatpost, and a tall Brooks B-68 Imperial saddle.

I think this is a great bike for women. Handles well. Stable. Fun. And my build was quite light. I had it built with regular width 29er wheels and tires. But it is actually a 29+ or midfat bike. You can use tires up to 3 inches wide. This is also a great bike for a 12 year old who is still growing. (unless they are exceptionally tall or short. An average sized 12 year old is iffy).

It takes quick release wheels. I'm having mine rebuilt for the Karate Monkey and its thru axels. But if you want links to well priced wheels for this bike, I can direct you. They run about $220.00 for a set of Velocity Blunt 35 mm wheels. Those are wide, and can supposedly support up to 3 inch tires, but I had 2.4 " Maxxis Ardents on the bike.

Anyway. I had it built from a frameset, so I can help with the correct size of everything it needs if you want to rebuild.

Make an offer. Wouldn't mind keeping it in the family. If no one buys it here, will probably sell on PinkBike or the Surly and Salsa trader group I belong to on Facebook.

Here is the bike. And I'll post a picture of my actual bike when I get a chance.