So I've been bike commuting for awhile, and with life getting so busy/stressful it's kind of become the thing that has kept me sane.

The problem has become that my work has moved MUCH further - from sub 5 km to 20+ one way which means a much different commuting situation than before. I made it work with a road bike through the summer, which was awesome. But come winter I realized that, especially since I'm going to have to seek 'alternative routes' from the out of town highways that I would take to my new workplace, I needed the equivalent of a super all-terrain. And not taking 1.5 hours to get there would be nice.

Enter the most expensive vehicle in my fleet, who shall be called Monster:

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So far, 57km and it's the absolute best!!

Showed up to work without too much fuss, got home (headwind, uphill, hungry, backpack, etc) feeling pleasantly worked, not falling-over exhausted. I think Monster and I are going to get along great By my math, 10,000km and I've made up the cost of the bike by not driving my car. I'll call it even at 20,000km. Beyond that, savings for me!!