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Pool? Rub it in. Naughty girl, Emily. We have ice on the lake, already. Going to see single digits this week for temps. Still ride every day, of course, but, yeah, cold is a factor. Wears me out, quicker. All that bundling up is a hassle, too, but what's a girl to do? Can't just sit in the house all winter.

Sheila, what is this bike going to do, if you don't mind me asking? Trail, road, single track? I considered the Surly ECR, but for strictly trail riding, I went with the Krampus. It's more of a dedicated trail bike with better bottom bracket height and more current trail geometry. The ECR is a heavy duty touring bike designed to carry big loads on rough roads, way out yonder. Overkill for riding trails around the house.
Trail and gravel. Single track when I can find it. (The area single track was wiped out in the hurricane). No one else here mountainbikes. No way to tour. I tested an Ogre a few years ago. I liked it, but it was a tank. The Krampus feels light and nimble. It's just too small.