Be careful NWG! And happy birthday to Crankin. I've modified my weekly night ride several times to eliminate stop signs on hills, especially at intersections with main roads. There are enough things to pay attention to in those situations in order to remain safe, without having to worry about clipping in and out.

Speaking of clipping in and out, I bought new shoes today. They're a different brand (Shimano) which I'm told tends to have a wider toe box than the Bontragers that I'm replacing. But I think I also got them a size larger than the old ones. They might actually be men's shoes; I need to look at the box. They are "last year's style" so I got them at half price. I'm not thrilled with the color -- black -- because my super pale legs look ridiculous in shorts and dark shoes, and black will be hotter in the summer. But then again they won't look filthy like the old white shoes, so pros and cons. Anyway. Now I need to make a fit appointment to get the new cleats put on them, and to discuss the knee pain I've been having in case the old worn cleats were not causing it.