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    What to Look For?

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    I think I'll finally look for actual cycling clothing.. I usually just wear pants and a t-shirt, and it's usually what I had on already for the day lol.

    My dimensions are a bit "wonky" though. - This is my problem with all clothing, especially coats/jackets though. - so I normally wear unisex clothing when I do wear.


    Tops, depending on company: Sized L-2XL
    Pants, depending on company: Sized 14-18
    LLR leggings: Size OS (even though, it says they fit up to a size 12, they fit me fine).

    When looking for cycling clothing, should I be looking for semi-loose fitting items or should they hug my body? Should I just wear my LLR leggings until I find something that fits/would they work they same way?

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    Wear what you are comfortable in. Terry Bikes has some nice plus size stuff, I have a couple of jerseys. http://www.terrybicycles.com/?utm_te...tm_source=bing

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    Most of my warm weather bike clothing now comes from the Danskin Now exercise clothing line that I found at Wal-mart. Some good hi-viz colors for jogging and biking and way, way cheaper than dedicated bike clothing, but same correct materials and design. Not sure if the sizing will work for you, but worth taking a look. I know the tops, at least, go up to 2XL, a size I sometimes use as an outer layer over my other clothes in cool weather, because they do make them in a reflective material.

    (Winter biking, though, takes some very specialized winter bike clothing, though cross country ski clothing also works well. I do both. Normal winter wear just doesn't do well. Whole different and (expensive) ball game for bike clothing.)

    As for form fit, yes, semi-fitted or form fitting clothing is good for biking - reduces bulk and wind resistance and so on. On the other hand, if the clothing binds or is uncomfy, that will work against your riding. Trim is good, but not if it binds or restricts movement. If you're just getting into biking, I'd err on the side of comfort, for now.

    One item, though, for which there is no substitute is padded biking shorts. Must have item. Same for a helmet. Head to a good bike shop for these. I never ride without either. No exceptions. In winter, the bike shorts go over whatever leggings I'm wearing, the helmet over various caps.
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    I will vouch for North Wood's statement about getting real cycling shorts, with a chamois. While I have been able to ride 1-2.5 miles to the gym or work, without it, it took me awhile. You can have comfort and trim/form fitting at the same time.
    I also second the vote for Terry cycling clothing. They have a wide range of sizes and great customer service.

    North Woods, wear your cycling shorts *under* your tights. You'll be more comfortable. I have 3 pairs of various levels of fleece lined tights, with no chamois. I can use them for cycing, hiking, snow shoeing and nordic skiing.
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