Hi, new rider from Ohio! I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati, and do not drive (partially blind, so I've always been scared to try, especially since I can't pass the written section of the test. I do know that if I am able to get my license I would have 1 or 2 restrictions in place because of my vision (if able to drive at all)). So, I decided to try biking to get a new form of exercise/fun into my day and give me something to do. I normally walk but I live off of a hill that isn't safe to walk up, so I rarely leave my house. I may leave the house (other than walking around the block, etc) a few times a month. So, makes for a sad life as not driving isn't good for finding a job either (especially when uber drivers around here don't like picking or dropping off at stores because they don't like having a bunch of bags in the car, so a lot of them will cancel/not accept a ride if they notice the address as a store) - I know this because of all the Uber forums I am a member of and the only people that are okay with picking/dropping off at said locations are those of us that would actually need the ride to/from the place. :/

So, hopefully, I know it won't be easy and will take awhile, I'll get to the point where I can get up/down the hills, etc and possibly look for a job again in person. I used to bike for fun when I was a child/until the age of about 14. My old bike was a 10 speed and only had gears on the right handlebar. My current bike:

Giant Boulder SE
ALLUX Budding Tubing (I think that's what it says)
Shimano Super-Low 14-34T
Unsure of the year

It is a loaner from a family member who never rides it, but it isn't mine and I can't afford one of my own at the moment. I do know that I need to go get fit as the saddle is all the way down (my uncle even took the back reflector off as I won't be cycling at night until I get used to it again) and I still have to tip-toe to touch the ground. My height is 4'11-5'0 but one leg is (as well as that foot being smaller) slightly shorter than the other. My inseam is 24" exactly, or 22/23" if you only measure to your ankle, as I've read in some places to measure to. My uncle says he would estimate that it's still about .5" to 1" too tall for me.. so as soon as I can, I will go get properly fit (even if it's a different bike). I CAN ride the one I have (as I ride for up to 10 minutes a day, not long at all but trying to learn the gears and such, and it's not a straight path so makes it a bit more difficult to learn on curves, etc). I notice when going down a hill/curve that my left foot (the shorter leg/smaller foot) tends to slip off the pedal still, which freaks me out to begin with... My weight also fluctuates between 199-210 at any given time and I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Woah! I'm so sorry this is so long!! I just got to talking and didn't shut up. Anywho, I hope to learn as much as I can on these forums - I have joined a few others as well - as they are female focused. I'm looking forward to checking out all the areas of the forum - especially the clothing area I haven't changed anything on the bike, everything is like it was when it was purchased.