The canoeing sounds fun, NY! Don't blame you for the change in plans.

Did my first ride in two weeks (exactly) today -- our most usual 33-mile loop. Felt good and averaged same as before my trip, so I guess I didn't lose as much fitness as I thought I might have. I was able to wear shorts along with two layers on top (a heavier short-sleeve jersey over a lightweight base layer) and, after a brief chilly period at the start, warmed up and was comfortable for the rest of the ride. It was 60 when we left, with a north wind, and 72 upon our return. Chilliest ride since we've been back in Florida (got here in early Aug.) Low humidity too!

After the ride, we enjoyed a lovely dip in the (now heated!) pool here in the RV park. The water felt great, but the breeze upon exiting felt a bit cool! Glad they turned the pool heater on, or I'd be done with the pool until April. Glad we moved to this park, as the one we stayed in previously, just down the road, does not heat their pool, so it's too cold for us until April.

Tomorrow I plan to do my workout with light weights, then a mix of yoga and Pilates, as I haven't done that in 2 weeks either. Back to the bike trail (and warmer temps) Thurs/Fri. Glad to be back to it!