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Emily, I think that rain you're expecting is from yet another tropical storm. And I think we might be seeing rain from it early next week. We haven't had any rain in quite a while, but I hope we don't get anything really heavy since that tends to cause flooding.
Actually, TS Nate is not an issue for us here in central Florida. But there's been a tropical wave and just general tropical disturbances off of the southeast coast of Florida that has been bringing us off and on showers to brief heavy downpours for the past couple of days.

Fortunately, this morning was simply overcast and super humid...drip drip drip! I was absolutely drenched after my 31.5 mile ride. However, the sweat was worth it as the rains and wind finally eased enough for my first ride since Monday, so I will take it. And due to the light winds, I managed my fastest speed ever for this route: 14.4 mph. Slow to some, but I will take it! Very enjoyable ride!

NY, I am in my jammies by 8 pm and in bed by 10pm, so your night rides are hard for me to wrap my head around. However, I can see how they would be more peaceful than riding during the busy times.