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Emily - my chiro has done pretty good things with active release techniques have helped my more arthritic fingers - obviously he can't change the actual bone changes but he does release the soft tissues that are affected.. Perhaps someone qualified in the various active release techniques can help your thumb loosen? Very glad to hear it isn't on your dominant hand.
Thanks, Catrin. May investigate this at some point! It is not bothering me at all, though, and I continue to work on ROM exercises at home. At the time it happened, I suspect if I'd gone to an orthopod, I would have ended up having surgery on it, and given all I was going through with my jaw at that time, I just couldn't deal with another body part needing surgery simultaneously, so I did a lot of reading online and started doing gentle exercises for it as soon as the "rest" period recommended ended. Also have a therapy ball for hands I purchased to work on strength. Although it is still a bit stiffer than my right thumb, and the joint where it attaches to my hand looks larger/swollen, it's not a big deal to me. Both my parents and all my grandparents had osteoarthritis in their hands, so it's pretty much par for the course in my genes even without added injury! Just thankful it's not painful...yet anyway.