So at least 3 days and under 2 hours away??? know this forum has a private message system

Glad you enjoyed the Ocean Beach area and the riding!! That section of coastline is nice.….and yeah, Sunset cliffs ftw. Happy you enjoyed/embraced the differences from the North Woods. I enjoyed riding the river bike path from Ocean Beach to the mission valley and back with friends living in La Jolla. There are some nice paved river bike paths in S.Ca.

Ocean Beach is kinda San Diego's Venice Beach, although we’re larger, more touristy, a little more eclectic and alternative but similar in vibe/people and especially in weather…well, and we have more eccentrics too ....and a 26 mile, on the beach with lots of interesting stops, paved bike path!!!

…..thinking the homeless also like the weather in the Southern Ca., especially areas that have some good services for them like here.