That makes sense, Emily. I envy the hot weather -- we are stuck in a cool pattern and it looks like it will continue. After reading the September outlook on a reliable local weather blog, I am now officially worried that we'll have another cold winter like we did 2-3 years ago. Twenty degrees below normal is one thing in August or September, but in January the colder temps are too much for the heat pump in my condo. It's bad enough not be able to go outside without dressing in so many layers that you can't put your arms down and you look like a tick about to pop, but when you can't be warm in the house either it's just too much.

I rode 17 miles last night, my new not-so-hilly hill route. It still needs some tweaks to eliminate a couple of difficult intersections where I have to stop on uphills to cross or turn at busy roads. Even though most of the roads around here do quiet down in the evenings, the main ones still have a fair amount of cars on them. But it's a good alternative to my usual route, and last night I was able to do it by memory without needing a cue sheet. Temps were in the 70s but it was somewhat humid which kept me from needing a vest or jacket near the end.

Am now trying to figure out my plans for the weekend. I will ride on Sunday, but don't know yet where or for how long. Monday is our club's century and I'll be driving SAG for that.