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I rode! I rode! I rode!

Pardon the excitement, but since I haven't ridden (other than a few trainer rides) since my crash on April 21, it was a big day for me. Very hot and humid since we're back in Florida, but there's a reasonable amount of shade on the bike path, and so long as I kept moving, the breeze I created made it tolerable, and plenty of cold water helped too. Had a great time, managed 24 miles (a bit more than I'd expected). Mentally, it was just great to get out again for both me and DH, who was going pretty crazy without riding.

This is a short stretch of busy road we have to ride to get back to the campground after riding the trail. Fortunately, there is a bike lane, and with the stoplights, sometimes you can get all the way without being passed if you time it right. I didn't quite manage that today, but almost! Cars are gaining on me here....
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And back at our motorhome:
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Thanks for all the support during this tough time, gals of TE. I really do appreciate it!
Congrats congrats congrats!!! I know this feeling.