I took a pretty nice 21.5 mile ride by myself this morning, before some really strong thunderstorms and hail moved in this afternoon. In fact, still going on.
Went out about 9:30, when it was humid, but not so hot, and partly cloudy. I knew I wanted to ride west, but since i was on the edge of rush hour, I kind of decided my ride would be dependent on traffic and traffic lights, in the beginning of the ride. My route was not anything special, but I just don't usually go this way when I am by myself. Had several polite drivers wave me on in spots, as well as a few spots where I usually have to stop and wait, but there was no traffic. There was a detour as I was getting into West Acton, and I discovered a that the back of an elementary school where we start some of our group rides has a port a potty and some parking. Usually, we park in the front and if someone needs a bathroom, it's a block away. It got progressively cloudier as my ride went on, there was breeze, and it was shady, too. However, if I stopped, it felt oppressive.
Felt good when I got home, and then spent the afternoon with my DIL, making a vegan chocolate cake for my granddaughter's first birthday, as we just found out she has a dairy allergy.