Anyone use Look Keo Cleats (grey)?

I just put a new set of cleats on a few months ago. The cleats are still in good shape and don't need to be replaced. However, there is a small non skid rubber strip towards the top of the cleat that has worn down very quickly. This also happened on my last set pretty fast. The cleats still clip in fine, but when I push off my foot that is on the ground, it will slip, because the non skid strip is basically gone.
I'm trying to figure out if i can just replace that little strip, or maybe put some sort of substitute material in there.

The wear is really mostly on my right foot, because that's the one i unclip and put down first, so it gets more use I guess.

I do have cleat covers, but honestly, i don't walk around in my shoes much, and never use them.