Last year, I started working out with a personal trainer. I lift weights, do a ton of body weight movements (squats, lunges, etc) and do some cardio type movements (quick steps, jumping jacks, mountain climbers). I've just been wearing regular running shoes, which are for the most part fine. Mine however are a bit clunky and chunky, so they make some of the cardio movements a bit awkward.

I've been trying on some true "training" sneakers, and like how light weight and slim profile they are compared to the running shoes. however, i wonder how they will feel with what i call "jumpy" movements, as there is not much cushioning in them. I understand that they are a bit flatter, for what i assume provides more stability for weight lifting. But they seem kind of "hard" and i'm not sure how that works with cardio movements.

i have large feet, so I've been having to order all of them on line, and haven't really gotten a professional opinion from an a sales person. (Stores never carry my size.)

Any one wear "training" sneakers with any input? Any models/brands you like?
They also seem to run a bit narrower than regular sneakers?