I helped lead our struggling Fri. morning series. The guy I lead with goes anyway, and the last few weeks, when I have not attended, he had one person. Today we had 2. It's the same ride every week. He mentioned that he had cut the end part off the past 2 weeks, since the one attendee was happy with 25 miles instead of 30, which we also did. The end of the ride is through a business park, a community college, and a VA campus... it's ok, but not that pretty. We are going to add the miles back in, with a prettier route.
I've had some allergies, which seems to affect my cycling more than anything. But, I did the job as sweep, the other woman there was riding my speed, though I did lag a bit on a climb that came after a short and super steep climb. This ride is mostly shady, which is good, as even though it was only 77 when we left, in the full sun of the parking lot, it felt like 97. And, I was home by noon.
Weather looks better for tomorrow. I may ride early in the AM, just a short one, before my granddaughter arrives.