Re: roads -- they are generally in pretty good shape in the DC metro area. The local DOTs do "pothole-palooza" every spring, where they concentrate efforts on repairing potholes for a week or so, and are generally responsive if you report a pothole to them during other times of the year. But every time I go to NY I am reminded of how bad roads are there. In many cases filling the holes just makes it worse. It's appalling, given how much they pay in taxes.

So the new Rivet saddle has not arrived yet. I went for the fitting on Saturday, where we confirmed that the seat height was okay but found from the plum line test that the saddle was too far back. So we moved it forward, which seemed to be an improvement. I mentioned the impending leather saddle arrival, and he said that changing from non-leather to leather is usually not as straightforward as measuring the position of the old saddle and matching it with the new one. So I will want to make another appointment for that.

Then yesterday I did a 32-mile ride. It was a big multi-class club ride, lots of fun and perfect weather. The distance and terrain were just right after several weeks off the bike. Unfortunately the saddle problem was worse that it was before. I don't know if the new leather saddle will solve my problems but I really can't use the Affinity any more, at least not on this bike. Depending on how things go this week (what day the Rivet is delivered and whether I can schedule a fitting for it) I may just ride my mountain bike next weekend, in the hopes that the different geometry will give me a break from the pain and inflammation.