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Thread: July riding

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    July riding

    Hope those who can ride are still riding, despite the summer heat. That has not been a factor for me, up north, here, but I know it has been for many. Please be careful folks.

    I have been riding, daily, as always. My minimum, now, is one hour of trail work with lots of leg burner climbs, followed by stunt stuff, i.e. log hopping and rock climbing. Recently, have been adding a short 10 mile pavement ride, afterwards as a way to cool down and add a little balance to my riding.

    Ran into a bit of snag, though. Traded a trail bike for my Salsa Warbird road bike, one day this week, to finish my workout and after only 10 miles of pavement work on this drop bar bike, my old chronic back pain returned. So did my numb hands and all the other issues I used to get when riding many thousands of miles on road bikes in the old days. Didn't result in a pinched back nerve that forced me to cut back on drop bar bike riding in those days, but the pain was there, again. Not good.

    Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke, the next day I did my entire workout on the Surly Pugsley fat bike, including the 10 mile road session. Yeah, the Pugs was slower and seemed I did more pedaling, but arrived back home with no back pain and no numb hands.

    At this point I need to decide if it's worth it to mix these two different types of bikes in my riding. Figure I have only so many years of hard riding left and I don't want to aggravate those old repetitive stress injuries. I'm leaning towards going flat bar for all my biking, even my road biking. Have done it, before. We'll see.
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