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    Other employees interested in bicycling, bikes

    I've worked for my present employer for the past 7 yrs. It's govn't and many employees. Within my immediate workgroup (18 people), there was 1 person who got interested in cycling. Had her used bike fixed, started commuting several times /wk. after parking car at a lot, on bike to work. I would make some observations/tips on bike buying. Certainly I never tried to be expert --just obvious sensible advice and encouraged them to pummel bike shop with questions, etc.

    In the past 3 wks., more different employees asked me/talked about cycling:
    *A guy who wants to buy a bike so he can accompany his little son's growing competency on bike. He's sending kid to a summer bike camp. I told him he might not be able to catch up with son unless he's willing to jog along. Child is 4 yrs. old.

    *A woman, mother of 2, who has longingly 1/2 yr. ago told me about wanting to bike. Just this wk. after trying to ride her son' bike (she is under 5 ' tall), she can hesitantly ride without the training wheels. We talked about bike fit, use of brakes, safe places to learn cycling if one falls. Her cycling son is 8 yrs. He and mother simultaneously have just learned to bike..of course son is flying off around the playground.

    *another woman tells me she rides with her store bought drone above. I gently told her there are a lot of restrictions flying drones. I didn't quite understand of how she was using the drone..

    *still another woman on maternity leave, bought a Chariot bike trailer and is eager to try it out. Might be more time before this happens...baby is only 4 months old. She invited me to go cycling with her and baby one day. I'll have to figure that one out since it's way over in south end of city ...an area I don't know at all. I have confidence that she will rapidly adjust to baby trailer, since...she used to be a bike courier long ago.
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