Hi, I am in need of advice. I have hired a cycling coach, as I want to take a fully supported cycling tour next year where the mileage is approx. 60 miles per day for five days. I know I need to increase my mileage/time in the saddle, however, he is recommending that I think about purchasing a power meter. I'm not interested in racing but I do use a HR monitor--note I am not a spring chicken. I will admit that although my body LOOKS like a 65 year old woman, my mind is of that of a 30 year old (as far as what I think I am capable of on my bike--if this makes sense). I guess what I'm struggling with is, yes, I love competing (mostly with myself, i.e., always wanting to beat my PR in Strava or wanting to obtain a QOM in my age group), but I don't know if I truly "need" a power meter at my age. My mind keeps colliding with "thinking" 30 years old vs "being" 65. I have a lot of respect for those (in the blog) opinions, and geez, I really need it now. This is something that has been toying with my mind for several days now, and I need to quiet it down. Thanks for any help.