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    Minimialist Style Cycling Shoe Insoles

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    It's been a long time since I've posted here. I'm looking for insoles for my cycling shoes. It's more for comfort than support. However, I keep reading that cyclists need very stiff sportive arch support. My arches are medium high and rigid. I lift weights barefoot and think my arches have gotten stronger.

    Last year I ended up with peroneal tendonitis in my left leg. I still have some pain around my ankle, especially skiing and biking. My PT said if I use insoles they need to be neutral with soft arch support. She said too much support will cause me to supinate. She was talking regular shoes but I wonder if the same applies to bicycling shoes. All of the cycling insoles seem to have lots of arch support. I have ESoles but even the lowest arch bothers my feet. With my injured leg I can't clip in. I have a pair of Specialized insoles, low arch support, and they felt good until 10 miles then my metatarsals started feeling hot. Last year I used walking shoe insoles with metatarsal support but they are thick and hot.

    I had my bike refitted last week and the fitter thought the ESoles were great. I'll call him to see what he suggests but am afraid he'll want to use a stiff, supportive insole. I've also asked other fitters but they didn't come up with any thing.

    Any suggestions?

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    I actually need rigid arch support so I don't know of anything specific to recommend. I was using some Bontrager insoles that had a flexible arch insert, but they don't sell them anymore. Instead they seem to be offering something with Superfeet. There's a low arch version and they have a 30-day guarantee so you could try them and return them if they don't work out.


    What kind of insoles were in your shoes when you bought them? Every pair of cycling shoes I've had came with totally flat insoles -- maybe something like that would no arch would work?

    Also there is an online store called theinsolestore.com. They might have something.

    I sympathize -- finding the right insole is never easy. Since I started having ankle tendon problems I now need the rigid arch support, so I've been trying Sole insoles in my bike shoes. But even the thinnest version is too thick so if I continue to use them I will need to get larger shoes. They also make my feet feel hot and my toes hurt. I'm going to try a new version with a metatarsal pad, but may end up having to look at different brands.

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