Hi all,
I am in the market for a new road bike. I have a 10-yr. old Serotta, ti/carbon, that I love. When I chose the Serotta I tried out a few all-carbon frames and they felt really pingy to me. My former bike was a steel frame that was heavy but I liked the feel of it and that it was pretty forgiving on long road rides. I do a lot of climbing/hills/mountains where I live so therefore also a lot of descents. The ti/carbon combo seemed like the perfect combination and sturdy overall. Now I am considering an all-carbon Specialized or Cervelo frame, or possibly a custom Titanium frame from a local shop. The Titanium bikes seem pretty lightweight these days. I don't have any special fit needs but to get a comfortable/less aggressive geometry I would probably go custom, and am willing to invest in what I hope will be another 10-year bike. My question - does anyone have experience riding a titanium bike vs. full carbon? If so, how would you describe the differences? My other concern is that I am relatively light in weight and there are times on descents where I feel tossed around a bit by the wind - I suspect this will be even worse with a lighter carbon bike - does anyone have experience with this??

Thank you in advance for any experience or insights to share!