I've actually ridden 2 days in a row. A miracle.
Yesterday I was the sweep for a 31 mile ride that another leader and I do on an intermittent basis throughout the summer. We've never had a lot of riders, so the other leader opened it up to another group that made me somewhat nervous. They are fast. But, they all behaved, the weather was perfect, but I was glad I was the sweep. However, toward the end, there were a couple who fell back after some serious climbing and I was happy to do my job behind them. I was tired at the end, but glad I forced myself to do this.
Today was our rescheduled AMC New Members ride, which is not just for new members. Usually, it's at the beginning of May, but we were rained out. Tuesday, our friend who leads the slower group (we always split the group in 2, as some years we have 30-50 people of varying abilities) bailed, as he has a sprained MCL. I found someone else, but not someone to sweep that group. We only had about 12 riders, so we wanted to all stay together, but there were 2 riders who could not do a compromised pace. After a climb, they told our replacement leader who was sweeping, they would go off on their own, which was fine, as one is a leader, too. This woman is a real pain, so I am glad I was not dealing with her. Once they dropped off, there was only a small gap in the group. I got to stay in the middle, so my speed was up there. It was so nice to have a congenial group, no incidents, and perfect temperatures. About 5 miles from the end, it started spritzing out. We had several bailing out points, but we took a wait and see attitude, and did the entire 20 mile ride. It started raining harder as we were leaving the parking lot, but it was finished when we got home.
All in all, a good day. It is supposed to rain starting tomorrow late afternoon and continue for several days.