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Thread: June Riding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pax View Post
    Coffee ended up being like medicine in that heat, don't have it and get a headache, have it and feel your core temp rise... when you step outside it's like being on fire, for me anyway.
    Make cold brew and have it iced?! I could not give up my coffee, even in the heat of Florida, Belize, or Mexico. It's funny, in both those latter two countries, soup is a very popular meal, which was surprising to me. It's hot and humid already, we're eating in open-air restaurants for the most part, so hot soup is tough to handle. Though I do admit that when I had a bad cold, it went down pretty well.

    Good luck on your move back to Florida, Pax. We are hoping to get back down there soon for my orthodontia. Wherever I start that, we'll be for quite awhile, and I really don't want to end up here in NC all winter. It's not that winters are so terrible (except occasional snow/ice storms, not my fave), but living in a motorhome anywhere cold is not that great since you have to winterize, and there's not much for us to do here. The cycling is particularly bad and dangerous in this area. We are here through July at least for my final check-up at the oral surgeon's on the 31st, and in the meantime helping my mother out with a lot of different things, but we hope to make our escape after that.

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    I agree, iced coffee is the way to go. Although, I drank hot coffee like crazy when I lived in AZ. Iced coffee was not popular there when I lived there, but of course, that was in the dark ages. I used to make sun tea; put the big jar out in the yard and the tea is brewed in a couple of hours. New Englanders are iced coffee crazy, but truthfully, I don't like it that much. Last summer my DH was making cold brew, when he was at home, unemployed, and he was just saying he needs to get back to that.
    Yes, Emily, I agree, we are seen as the odd people because we walk places. We live just far enough away that a walk to town is enough to count as exercise, though, at least for me.
    I am not going to co-lead the ride tomorrow. Spoke to my friend who I lead with, no big deal. So no cycling until Monday, the first day of the cycling tour. I hope the bruising on my knee goes away. It just feels stiff. The road rash is 95% gone. Probably should not have gone to the gym this morning, but I modified a few things in the class. Funny, the only thing that hurts my knee is when I quickly bend down. Stairs don't bother it and neither did other things this morning, that I thought would.
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