I think most of us have had falls like that, Crankin. Glad you're mostly okay. We're heading to Cape Code June 23-July 1. Staying in Hyannis this time, in a small house that is walking distance to the restaurants and stores on the main street. I had suggested a possible side trip to the Concord area on the way to or from the cape, but it doesn't work with my sister's schedule. The agenda will be somewhat similar to last year's trip, centered around Cape League baseball games but with time for some sightseeing.

So, potentially big news today. As mentioned elsewhere I've been going to PT for the ankle tendon problem. Several of the exercises I'm doing are for strengthening the hip and glute muscles, for better ankle stabilization. So I'm doing squats. But they're bothering my right knee due to the patella tracking problem that used to hurt when cycling. While discussing this, the therapist did some measuring to try to understand what's going on. She determined that my hip/femor angles are the same on both sides. Then she mentioned that the left leg is slightly shorter than the right. Aha!! A giant metaphorical light bulb went on over my head. Could this be causing, or at least contributing to, the saddle problems on the right side??? I'm very excited to have this new information. Of course I'm not sure what to do next -- go ahead with the purchase of the leather saddle? Or hold off on that and make an appointment with the bike fitter? Or buy the saddle AND schedule an appointment with the fitter?