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It's laminate planks, installed either by the previous owner or the dealer. Looked great when we bought the rig, but not as good now. I would not recommend it as the seams pull apart with the motion of driving and weather and the rollers of the slide out put little chips and dings in it, showing white below. I have done quite a bit of research, and what seems to do best with the motion of RVs is the "luxury vinyl planks" that look like wood. I guess they have more give than a hard laminate.
Interesting. I remember at one point we were both considering cork floors. Long story short, I am now looking at LVP for my condo. They have vinyl that looks like tile, also, if you prefer that look.

Sometimes in winter my excuse for being too lazy to set up the indoor trainer is that it takes up too much space in my living room. But I guess if you have room for one in an RV, I can't really use that excuse any more...

And to keep it cycling related,