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    Kona Vs Jamis Please help

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    I sold my hardtail Giant mountain bike a year ago after not been able to hit the trails for a year. In summary I have not mountain bike in a little over 2 years or so. I am getting ready to go back to it. May not able to do it too often like before but I want to at least once a week. So I am on the look for a used Mountain bike. I dont care if its an old school or retro bike as long as its in good shape and it fit my needs, dont want nothing too fancy neither and want to stay below the $500 mark. I definitely want a full suspension and I came across these 2. I need some help deciding which one is the best bang for the buck.

    Thanks for your help gals..

    https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/bik/6118347985.html this one is a 2000

    https://muncie.craigslist.org/bik/6105952490.html this one I believe its a 2008

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    Looks like the Jamis has been removed, so can't help, there.

    As for the Kona, the major issue for me is it's age, not because it's worn out - looks to be in great shape - but because it's technology is outdated. Those canti brakes were great in their day, but everyone has switched to disc brakes for good reasons. You're also going to have to deal with older drive train components, too, which can be tough to replace if you have issues, since a lot of the current components won't work with the older stuff. Also, the geometry of MTBs has changed, drastically, since 2000. Current bikes are definitely more trail friendly to ride. Unless you have a thing for older vintage bikes, I'd probably look for something a bit more recent. In the long run, will probably save you money, not to mention a lot of hassles. Also, $500 will get you a better grade of hardtail. Something to consider, unless you are locked into the idea of a full suspension bike. My two cents, anyway.
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    I have to agree with NWG. I like the looks of that Kona (assuming it's your size), but I bought a used Titus Racer-X of the same vintage (2000) in 2008 or 2009, and even then, I had problems getting work done on it. I wanted to get the front fork rebuilt, but the shop couldn't do that due to parts availability with the fork company (Rockshox, I think), so I had to buy a new (used, actually) fork. I was able to get some other work done that it needed but all the drivetrain parts had to be ordered as they were already outdated and no longer available in the shop. It also had canti brakes, which were fine for me, since I only rode it in fair weather and easier trails. I loved that bike, but it was already outdated 8 years ago, so I don't know that I'd recommend this Kona, although the price is so cheap, I can't say not to do it -- once again, assuming it is your size -- but I wouldn't plan on doing a lot of upgrades to it.

    Good luck!

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