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    Saddle Soreness Issues

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    Hi there, Im ellie Im new to this forum and have joined specifically in order to gain greater understanding and help on my biking health issue. I have been a 4-5 day a week regular bike rider for over 10 years I work as a messenger on my bike 4 days a week currently and for 2 years now - riding about 4 days per week roughly 6 hours per day but sometimes 8 or 9. Hence Im a heavy bike user. I do not wear padded shorts or bike apparel, I was turned off a little by padded pants in the past because of the extra pressure it exerts on me, I have tried good quality assos chamois cream in the past but I feel the cream disturbed the bacterial flora around my crotch region and almost gave me a yeast infection , I have tried again with better results, but I'm still a little turned off by rubbing creams down there. Ok so Basically also one thing I'm worried about is my skin where I sit on the saddle between my upper thighs is very broken and now discolored , it had in fact darkened with tiny bumps , (I am pale) , I recently used a bath bomb for the first time and came out with a bad rash for a few days after using them in the bath in this specific region

    Please can any women please tell me of their similar experiences solutions coping mechanisms and treatments

    I have decided to take action by myself also to help this , including buying good quality padded castelli shorts and pants , changing my saddle (again) committing to rubbing vaseline or something similar before work and body lotion afterwards and staying Off the bike while I'm not working - because I feel its like an extension of my legs at this stage its hard for me to stay off it!!

    so ladies gents is there anything I am forgetting here

    ANY help and advice much appreciated - I love my bike , its how I make a living and I'm pretty upset that this problem I'm having (I accept from lack of self care) is ruing my love for cycling

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    You've taken the right first steps; new shorts and saddle. There are chamois creams that have no ingredients to disturb the flora, some are made specifically for women. You can do a simple search for these.
    Not sure what a bath bomb is, but it sounds like your skin is very sensitive. I'd be washing with a very neutral soap, like Purpose. Body lotion may be causing the rash to be worse. After washing, maybe apply witch hazel to the rash? Another thing is you need to get out of your shorts as soon as you are done with your work day. Don't hang around in them. Wash yourself immediately, even if you are not showering yet. I wash my cycling shorts in warm or hot water to get all of the bacteria out. I know this goes against all advice, but my shorts last quite a few years. Hang them to air dry.
    You might have to visit a dermatologist if the rash does't clear up.
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    Vaseline can increase the chances of a yeast infection in a lot of women. I use Chamois Butt’r Her’ (developed by a woman sports physician) for it’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic properties and with a ph balance specifically for women. It also washes away easily with soap and water. I always wash down there with a natural tea tree oil soap after a long ride or when i feel a problem just starting. A saddle search can be frustrating especially since we have different bodies, riding positions and needs. When I find one that works I buy a few of that model. A good fitter, my preference is a woman, can help a lot in getting the bike position and a saddle and its position that works well. So I’d say a good bike fitting, a good chamois cream, a quality seamless chamois should help especially with someone who rides as much as you do.

    Good luck in working it out Ellie and welcome to the forum.
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    +1 on the previous advice. The brand of chamois cream I use is Hoo Ha Ride Glide. It was made specifically for women and is available in a fairly large tube and also in small packets that you can keep in your bike bag or pocket to reapply during a ride. I am prone to contact dermatitis but have not had any allergic reactions or other problems with it. I use it before long bike rides and will also use it as a moisturizer after riding if there's any irritation. As with any skin product, I tested it on a small patch of skin in a relatively sensitive area (forearm or stomach) for a couple of days before using on a larger area.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ny biker View Post
    +1 on the previous advice. The brand of chamois cream I use is Hoo Ha Ride Glide. It was made specifically for women and is available in a fairly large tube and also in small packets that you can keep in your bike bag or pocket to reapply during a ride.
    I had just ordered a big tube of this right before I had my bike accident! Been using Doc's and love it but thought I'd try this for a change. I hope I get to try it one of these days.

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    Don't forget to play with seat position adjustments - forward, rearward, angle, height and so on - regardless of the saddle you buy. Those little adjustments can make a big difference in riding comfort. Even a matter of safety for trail riding. (Ask me how I know. )
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