I was walking my bike through the crosswalk when a young kid, maybe 14-15, came across the opposite way. He was walking two bikes. I asked him how he was going to ride two bikes? He just smiled and walked a WHOLE, WHOLE LOT FASTER -- almost into a slow jog. I am pretty sure he had stolen the bikes. He was coming from the Brookview park complex where a lot of kids play on the playground, play tennis, etc., and adults golf. There is a rather large picnic area as well. I can imagine in the picnic area kids probably just lay down their bikes and think they are safe.

I am feeling quite bad that I didn't stop him because I am almost sure he was stealing those bikes. What SHOULD I have done? I probably should have turned around and followed him, but I only thought of that right now. I could give a description to the police but what good would that do?

I just feel so awful that I didn't DO anything. Those bikes looked brand new!