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Thread: Bike Theft

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    Question Bike Theft

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    I was walking my bike through the crosswalk when a young kid, maybe 14-15, came across the opposite way. He was walking two bikes. I asked him how he was going to ride two bikes? He just smiled and walked a WHOLE, WHOLE LOT FASTER -- almost into a slow jog. I am pretty sure he had stolen the bikes. He was coming from the Brookview park complex where a lot of kids play on the playground, play tennis, etc., and adults golf. There is a rather large picnic area as well. I can imagine in the picnic area kids probably just lay down their bikes and think they are safe.

    I am feeling quite bad that I didn't stop him because I am almost sure he was stealing those bikes. What SHOULD I have done? I probably should have turned around and followed him, but I only thought of that right now. I could give a description to the police but what good would that do?

    I just feel so awful that I didn't DO anything. Those bikes looked brand new!
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    Call the police. You shouldn't run after a suspected thief, even if it's a kid.
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    As the others have said, call the police and let it go at that. At least it let's the police know there is some potential theft going on in that area. They may also ask for a description, so try to have some details in mind.

    Keep in mind that even kids may carry weapons, these days, not to mention that a lot of older kids/adults may be waiting down the road for the younger kid to return. The younger ones are often used this way in theft rings/gangs to do the actual theft. You do not want to put yourself in a situation where you encounter such a group or can be identified by such a group.

    The, too, if the kid is legit and you follow him, you may have some explaining to do to an angry/suspicious parent or sibling. Parents generally don't respond too well to strangers following their kids.

    Let the police handle it.
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