Hi all,
It's been a while since I've been on here - I lurk and read posts now and then but my kids have outgrown naptime, and I've gone back to work, leaving little time to catch up with the TE crew. So many trials - and triumphs - for the wonderful women here - my heart has gone out in sympathy - or joy - for so many of you.

Memorial Day is almost upon us, and I am hoping to bike from Troutdale, over the Historic Columbia river highway (so beautiful) and end up in Parkdale (about 12 miles south of Hood River on Hwy 35) I know there's been tons of construction along this route and am wondering if anyone has advice of the best way to go. I believe there's about 8 miles of riding along I-84 in between bits of paved bike trail to get to Hood River, then I could ride up Hwy 35. But I'd love to avoid the highway riding.

One suggestion that a mapping program gave me was to leave I-84 and take Wyeth Trail up to Dead Point Rd up to Larch Mountain, ending up at Lost Lake, which then would take me down to parkdale and the campground I'm heading to.

Anyone familiar with these roads? Are they road-bike-able or gravel or...?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I can go ahead and ride the I-84 route, but if there's a beautiful alternative I would sure love to know about it!

Pretty excited about the sun we're finally getting here in the PNW.

thanks, all.