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    Quote Originally Posted by Catrin View Post
    They only want me there until I come off the narcotics - and it makes sense. It's interesting that they want me there for 7 days, yet I will be back to work & driving in 2 weeks if all goes well. It makes sense that first week would be the most "dangerous" if I should happen to fall or something strange happen due to the drugs. I'm touring the facility on Monday - it's my choice where I go. There are many places closer, but this is a dedicated facility for post-surgery/injury rehab rather than a nursing home that happens to take on a few people with short-term rehab needs. I think it will also make it less likely that I will do something stupid because I've no one around to help me.
    They should also be able to help you work around any limitations in mobility so that you can function better when you do get home. I know that there are many reasons to prefer to be at home, but sometimes it really is best to be someplace where you're not alone in case you need help.

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    Yes, the more I think about it the more wise it seems to be. Everyone I know appears to be breathing a sigh of relief 🙄

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