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    my Earth Day win as a cyclist

    Last Saturday, I cycled over to a bookstore that had sale to celebrate EArth Day. So entered a contest for non-car customers.
    I won a book tote bag and took it home..by bike today. I noticed this rather lively independent bookstore had several different books on cycling displayed on the counter.

    Ok. I know the oxymoron...a bookstore ...should it be e-books.. But frankly I get tired reading 50+ page books on computer screen in 1 sitting. And I still get gentle lectures from sister-doctor for computer screen time before bed..since blue light keeps brain awake. And I must keep on working on sleep normalization.
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    I've found I don't have the problem with my Kindle that I do on the computer. My hands are so arthritic that I tend to have all of my larger books in Kindle format - and much of my fiction (I borrow Kindle books from my library as well as purchase them). I still use actual books and the format depends on the topic (graphics and tables are always actual books) OR size. Some of my most beloved books are huge...so Kindle for them!

    Again, I'm quite sensitive to screen time before bed but my Kindle Paperwhite doesn't bother me and it does have adjustable lighting.

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    The Kindle doesn't bother me at all before bed.
    I do try and get off of the computer, at least 30 min before going to bed.
    Shooting Star, you had a significant head injury, so I can see why you need to try and keep these rules. But nowadays, the only print books I buy are for my granddaughters. I do subscribe to print magazines and the daily newspaper.
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    I use a blue-light filter app on my tablet. Works great as I often doze off while reading on it before bed! I tend to keep one print book and one e-book going at any one time. Good for you for biking to the book store on Earth Day, shooting star.

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    blue light filter too on my tablet.

    I only read books on my tablet for the past few years anyway. I much prefer the ebook, emagazine, than a real book. I can change the fonts, the brightness, the colour, etc. I like that. And it is light, etc.

    I have a membership with Texture and can read tons of magazines if I wanted to. For $10/a month, I get to read so much that not one single magazine could offer me that.

    Just like music streaming. I used to purchase (vinyls in my younger days, then CDs. But with streaming on line (we have unlimited wifi at home and many gigs on our iphone, plus those free channels from our phone supplier that there is no need to shuffle throught stacks of CD, create more storage in a room, etc.

    I love technology. At least this one.
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    I think I read somewhere recently that ebook sales are down, implying people are going back to regular books. But I think I saw that on facebook, so huge grain of salt.

    I read some things electronically and some real books... when I make time to read, which is not often enough. I subscribed to a newspaper last year, digital subscription plus Sunday dead-tree edition. I really didn't want the Sunday paper because my recycle pile is big enough already, but it was cheaper than digital only. I assume they make decent money from the Sunday ad supplements. Anyway I don't read most of it but do go though a couple of sections and the coupons, and I like having the crossword puzzles. Between the crosswords and crocheting I am spending less time staring at a tablet screen in the evenings.

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