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Emily, please don't jump the gun with an oral surgeon. Once the swelling and inflammation go down, you may just need some physical therapy (are you taking lots of anti-inflammatories?). So much joint pain is the result of muscle imbalance and the jaw is so complex with two sides trying to work together to move in multiple directions. A very simple alignment exercise is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, just behind the front teeth. Slowly open your mouth about 75% of the way to feel a gentle stretch and hold for about 10 seconds. Keep your tongue there while you slowly close your mouth. Repeat a bunch of times. I do this every morning, and other times during the day (in the car, at the computer). You can google TMJ exercises.

I had PT for my jaw. The therapist massaged the muscles inside and out (she wore gloves) and did some manual manipulation. I had TMJ surgery several months earlier and had a hard recovery, probably because I didn't have the PT right away. The PT was very beneficial, the surgery not so much.

I really hope that with time, things will take care of themselves.

I feel for you Emily.
My rehab (totally different injury) took 6 months. lst few weeks, I could not walk much..I got dizzy. I had learn to balance and walk fast again,...before getting back on bike. Take your time to recover and try to sleep normal sleep cycles. It's important for the sleep pattern is re-established. I'm back normal about 80% there, sleep-wise. I'm saying this now, because the older we get, the harder it is to re-establish normal sleep length after major incident. I had to see a sleep doctor (he specializes in sleep disorders) about this.