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    feeling just warmer in body

    I guess my menopause has stopped..meaning no period for past 3 years,etc.

    One thing for certain, the core of my body just seems to be warmer. I seem to get warmer/more flush after a simple bike ride. What I wear for clothing seems to feel warmer now compared to 10 years ago. I'm going not going into the sweats or hot flashes. Then when I pee ...after only a 25 km. ride, it's hot.. I would have never got that until after a 50 km. ride.

    Do you feel warmer or colder as you age? I'm 58 yrs. Oy.
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    I'm almost 54 and menopaused for over 2 years now and I'm mostly always too hot. Today we were riding. It was very windy (points at 45km/h SW) and started off at 15c. I endured my very thin windbreaker for about 10km, if not less. Then I removed it and was just short sleeved jersey. I think I was the only cyclist without a jacket on for at least most of the ride. lol We only did a 50km ride and I felt sweat running down my back. The weirdest thing is sleep during the night ... blankets fly away. Comes 6am, I'm so cold I'd need an extra blanket. So if I nap during the day I'm always chilly.

    But doing gym, I'm like you...pee feels so hot vs before.

    So yes, it seems my body temperature is higher and I flush (heat) more easily as I get older. And it is so much harder too to lose the weight, or at least manage what I have. grrr.
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    Menopause doesn't "stop." It means the time period after your last period.
    I started riding about a year before my periods stopped (I was young). So, at first, I dealt with perimenopause symptoms and PMS affecting my riding. But, once I stopped having periods, I didn't seem to be affected. I do think your tolerance to heat can change, though. I know that I continued to have a few hot flashes for quite a few years after my periods stopped. Interestingly, it never happened when I was riding.
    I generally run "hot," at least compared to my husband. I am a big head "sweater," so taking off a head cover is a big help at this in between time of year, where it may be cold when I start. Although temperatures in the 50s (F) are my ideal to ride in, they are also the hardest for me to dress for. I always seem to get warmer pretty fast, so I will wear a short sleeved jersey, maybe a sleeveless base layer, and a vest and arm warmers, so I can peel the layers off. My DH will be wearing a long sleved base layer over a long sleeved jersey and a jacket.
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    I'm well past that, now that I've almost reached 67. Every great once in awhile, I'll get tinges of a hot flash, but by now, I find that I'm more sensitive to the cold, not less. I just handle it by doing very aerobic things like skiing and snow biking when outdoors in our very cold winters. Standing around kind of things in the winter are pretty much a no no, these days.

    As a long time winter biker, the ideal for me as far as dressing for cold weather, is to feel cool for the first couple of miles. My body then warms up to the comfy level. If I feel warm right from the start, I know I've over-dressed, at least as far as my core temp goes. My hands, ears, face and feet can never be too warm in the winter.
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    I know some older (menopausal) women who are always warm, never wear sweaters in winter and are comfortable in over-air-conditioned buildings in summer. I'm generally colder overall now than I used to be, especially my extremities. Ten years ago I would be comfortable in lightweight tights when cycling in cool weather but now I need heavier tights and booties or toe covers in the same conditions. As he's gotten older, my 81-year-old father feels the cold more than most people, and his mother was the same way. I seem to be headed down the same path. But at the same time, I was extremely uncomfortable working out at my gym this winter because it felt way overheated to me, to the point where I started using the small fitness center at my office instead, while no one else at my gym seemed the least bit uncomfortable. And I've always had more problems cycling in the hot summer sun than my friends -- I'm always the one who needs to stop in the shade to cool down.

    So I guess there's no clear pattern for me, at least not yet.

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    ahh the joys of aging... My temperature threshold is really narrow now - both cold and heat bother me. Below 68 I am cold, above 80 I am hot - I do a lot of layering When biking and if I am "hot" I wear a wet bandanna around my neck -works for me. of course going to a dresser event that would raise some eyebrows... Love the hot flash expression "please excuse me while I have my own private summer"
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