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Thread: 2016 tours

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    2016 tours

    I haven't stopped by here for a while. Last summer was full of cycling. I started the spring in the best shape of my life thanks to a rigorous schedule of spin classes over the 2015 winter I was able to start right back into 40-50 mile rides. There was a reason for it though. I needed to be in shape to survive two 5 day tours. The first was in mid-June upstate NY to Montreal then south into Vermont and a ferry ride back into NY. It was about 330 miles traveled with two women from my usual riding group. Both of whom broke their legs riding bikes in July. The second was also 5 days but this time it was for my third crossing of Ohio. Three times is enough if you are basically doing the same route. This time it was with my brother and my niece. It should have been nice. They had both been on long rides before so they knew what to expect. They both have knee issues one seems to be arthritis settled in an old injury. The other might be the same. They spent the day going two different speeds and taking lots of breaks and lots of ibprofin. I waited, tried to ride with each of them, and was a bit tired of their complaints by the end of the day. Day two went better they started the day with ibprofin and stretching. We were able to ride together more and we were in the flattest part of Ohio. My brother's bike wasn't shifting well. His chain was dry. I picked up some 3-in- 1 oil and it quieted for most of the day. Then the shifting issues started. I'm working on my crazyguyonabike pages now and will paste the link here when I'm finished. Hope you all had wonderful summers last year. The riding was going so well I was on track to easily hit my 3,000 mile riding goal for the year. But then my Dad died. He suffered for years with diabetes and heart disease. He had been struggling with his health on and off the last couple of years. I had a really difficult time finishing up the season. I had trouble getting to the gym over the winter. This year I'm going to have trouble with my 3,000 mile goal. But my riding buddies are all healed up and ready to ride so I'm going to try to make the most of it. I still want to ride but having trouble getting the same enjoyment out of it right now.
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