Thanks Crankin! Already doing short walks, though it kind of bothers my jaw, so I keep them short and not too fast. Originally they did splint my thumb, but it was so uncomfortable and awkward (I couldn't do anything, it seemed like, even type), I took it off. The ER doc actually said I could. I am keeping it protected, but like when my DH broke his collarbone, I think the small amount of movement it's getting is probably helpful to keep it from freezing up. That's one of the things I'll be talking to my doctor about on Wed. I hope I don't have to go back to a splint!

I'm eating well -- soft but healthy foods as much as possible, and sleeping as well as usual (i.e., not great but adequate). Taking it easy, reading, etc. Letting my body heal. It kills me not to be able to be more active, but I know this is not the time for that.