Hope your travels are good, Emily.
Another group ride missed today. I guess my 3 days of riding and hiking in the pollen finally got to me. I did not feel so great last night, but went to bed, wishing for the best. Woke up with a scratchy throat, which is gone, but a low level sinus headache and achy-like feeling. Trying to be an adult, so I am not going. Been aggressively treating the allergies for a couple of weeks, so hopefully, this will subside. I am going on a walk with a friend, who walks at a slower pace and hoping this is not too much. Even though I have an easy week at work, as it's spring break here, the weather will not be cooperative. Saturday we have our club bike workshop, so unless I ride there and back, I have no idea when I can ride again, as Sunday looks kind of iffy.