I think we are turning the corner. Predicted to be almost 70 here by Monday.
Emily, it would take me about an hour to walk to work and I would not want to face it at the end of the day! Of course, unless my DH met me for dinner in the village (about half a mile) and then drove me home. I don't get bothered by the drive (it's 7-10 minutes, depending on traffic and time of day) and it takes 10-20 minutes to ride, also depending on how I hit the light and how long I wait to make 2 left turns. But, I am going to try and ride there at least 1/3 of my regular work days and every Friday, for my women's group. I am not going to have the group in the summer, so between now and the end of May... after that I want to do long rides on Fridays. I know it's better to ride... but although it's the shortest of my commutes, it is the most traffic laden. When I lived in my house in Concord, it was 5 miles, through the other town center, but usually, I was riding after the big rush hour and I think I am just more used to that stretch of road.While I hated the hill on my street at 7 pm, the part of that commute after the town center was lovely and peaceful.