Today is 52 and sunny and it actually feels warmer than it is. We have a mess of melting snow (there's not a lot of snow, but it's amazing what 2-3 inches will do), so we set out for a short ride. It was really nice, no expectations, my back was OK, despite not feeling so great in the morning from a sloppy, snowy hike yesterday. Saw quite a few riders, but we purposely rode away from the areas where we might see more.
When we came back, I looked like I had just done a cyclocross race, from being behind DH. Most of it happened in the last 2 miles of the ride. Since there is still snow on the ground in our backyard, we cannot take the bikes in/out of our walk out basement, so we had to clean them out in front of the condo. They are now drying in the sun. Mine will go in my car, where it will stay until tomorrow morning, when I ride to work for the first time this year. DH is also riding to work, first time at his new job. Because he had to bring in a lot of stuff and he forgot that he had his laptop, he has to ride his Guru, with the trunk rack and a pannier, so he is going to drive to a parking lot, near a bike shop/trail and ride to work from there, as it's only 11 miles. Otherwise, it's 20 one way. His pannier is so heavy right now, I would fall over. I also should have brought in some clothing (thought about it), but I have a couple of outfits that are very light and I have learned which shoes are light, too. It's going to be nice enough, so I can walk across the street to another company's cafeteria and buy my lunch, so at least I don't have to carry that.
Even though this is my 5th ride of the year, I feel like it's the first official one.