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Thread: optimism

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    May 2013


    Haven’t posted since the beginning of the year because of health issues. Learned a lot the last two months about determination and faith…..AND that bicycling has some wonderful psychological/mood benefits (especially on days of unremitting fatigue from chemo)….and that it gives needed mental and physical strength in going through treatments! My riding now is so different from just a couple of months ago, certainly no climbing feasts. The riding I can do, even when slow and not far, does give me a way of feeling some control over my body despite what treatments are putting it through. It also gives me the strength of feeling some freedom from the effects of treatments and especially gives me a determination that helps on the journey of getting back to normal and my life back on track.
    …..SO.…still feeling blessed when riding!!!!...or to quote NWG... “At times, it can be so uplifting that I have stopped, raised my arms to the sky and said a prayer of gratitude and thanks.”

    Over the few years I’ve participated in this forum I’ve bookmarked a few posts from some of you wonderful women who have written about your positive mindset in dealing with challenges, health or otherwise. I’ve re-read those posts a few times the last couple of months, including just before writing this post. This post is done in wanting to say thanks for those words!! Sometimes you never realize when or how your words can help others in a good way. Perhaps that’s another good reason to want to use our words (and actions) more often in a caring and positive way!!!

    “Optimism is the faith that leads to hope, determination and confidence. Breast cancer is so limited…..it cannot affect my giving/feeling love, it cannot diminish hope, it cannot silence courage, it cannot conquer my spirit and it cannot corrode my faith…..”

    My only time on the internet now is about my photography (creativity being a needed and valuable distraction). I’ll be back here interacting and forever posting ride photos when I’ve recovered more and have these unwelcome vicissitudes of life in the past pages of my writing journal. Strength of spirit and grace ftw…..

    Luv from Venice Beach

    All bicyclists are family….
    ‘The negative feelings we all have can be addictive…just as the positive…it’s up to
    us to decide which ones we want to choose and feed”… Pema Chodron

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    Rebecca, I'd been wondering where you'd gotten to, so sorry to hear about the health crisis, you're a strong young woman both mentally and physically so I think you will kick it's *** nicely. Sending you loads of warm healing energy.

    Electra Townie 7D

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Thank you for checking in, and sending you healing energy and hugs as you deal with this health crisis.

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    Western Canada-prairies, mountain & ocean
    Hope the chemo is for a certain period only! Wishing you energy, creative inspiration.
    By the way, we went to Dijon in France last fall. Since you know France, but unsure you know this part: https://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com...rm-and-wonder/
    My Personal blog on cycling & other favourite passions.
    遙知馬力日久見人心 Over a long distance, you learn about the strength of your horse; over a long period of time, you get to know what’s in a person’s heart.

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    I have gotten so much from your photos Rebecca. Joy, peace, humor, inspiration... too many to count. Please keep 'em coming! It may be therapeutic for you, but it also has healing powers for some of us : )

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    You are one of my role models, kiddo, in the choices you make about how to see and interact with the world. I thank you for that and appreciate it no end.
    "My predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved;I have been given much and I have given something in return...Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and an adventure." O. Sacks



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