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Thread: Knee Injury

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    Knee Injury

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    Hi, I injured my knee in spin class. Iím looking for a good compression knee sleeve to see if it will help me continue to workout & get back to biking. Has anyone here tried a compression knee sleeve by Grip Power Pads? It looks great online, but I just wanted some advice before I make a purchase. Thanks.

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    I'm not familar wth those knee sleeves, but I do want to advise caution. I don't know what you did to your knee, but make certain you do before you decide to push through it with a compression sleeve. Depending on what the injury is, you could be setting yourself up for making the injury worse without resting and allowing it to heal. I speak from experience as I used to push through any injury so I could stay active, with permanent injuries resulting from that. Of course you are probably far better than me and already have had it looked at



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