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Thread: Elections

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    Unhappy Elections

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    What is everybody doing to avoid this insanity? I feel like I want to hide in a yoga studio until next Wednesday. Without saying my preference, these up again/down again polls are making me crazy. I want to stop watching but it's like seeing a slow moving traffic accident - can't turn away. DH just leaves the room when the news comes on - he's smarter than me (this one time only ).

    Even riding - I'm noticing traffic is more aggressive. Bike lanes don't help. Bike paths - people aren't paying attention. Maybe hide in the spin studio?

    What are you doing - or not doing - to get through this? I can't wait until next Wednesday.
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    We stopped watching the news years ago, so at home it's super easy to avoid. Out in public I remove myself from any situation where it comes up, if someone tries to engage me in a political discussion I stop them and say "not a topic I'm willing to discuss".

    I want no part of any of it, I already early voted so I just want it OVER.

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    This is my first experience with my state being a battleground and I HATE it. We don't really watch TV, so no issues there. We don't listen to terrestrial radio - ok there too. The things that have annoyed me: 1) Pandora ads. I study with Pandora on and every.single.ad is political. And they seem more frequent. 2) Door to door people. I have a 30 second speech now - "I don't discuss my voting. Go away." When you're trying to study and people are intruding multiple times a day, it can be infuriating. 3) Varied people visiting my state, including my University, making my commute a hassle and biking impossible (people speeding on secondary roads to get around motorcades shutting down highways at rush hour - how considerate.). 4) TONS of mail advertising what's wrong with the other guy/girl. Straight in the recycling. I am DONE with politics. DONE. At this point, I just want it to be over and for all of the politicians to go back to Washington, DC.

    So yes, grouchy over here (which couldn't possibly have anything to do with the fact that tomorrow will be the second Monday in a row I've had a major exam).
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    Wow, I don't feel that affected by it all. I am a news junkie, so I just turn it off when I don't want to hear anymore. However, the one thing that does get to me is that I have to hear ads for NH, because southern NH only has one network TV station. And, NH is a battleground state. But, again, I feel immune to it all. I don't know anyone who is in anyway close to me and a supporter of "the other side." I stopped talking to my relatives here 8 years ago, because they turned into people that are afraid of anyone or anything that is different, and are openly racist (although they would deny it). My parents were so not like this!
    This is why living in Massachusetts is awesome. Most people have the same beliefs as me, and I can surround myself in my probably not realistic cocoon, so I don't need to get upset.
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    We are currently in a battleground state (NC) and are being besieged with ads -- not just president but senate, etc. as well. I do enjoy watching the news and keeping up on the election, and fortunately since we don't get mail, anyone knocking on our door, or calling our cell phones, I can choose when/how much to watch. However, like most everyone else, I am ready for it to be over. I just hope we actually know who the next president will be by bedtime on Tuesday night -- that it is not crazy close like Bush-Gore nor contested and that no violence ensues. That would be a tragedy.

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    Living in Canada you'd think we'd get away from it. SO NOT. It is totally ridiculous how this is turning out. I so not envy you guys. Good luck on Tuesday. No matter what the outcome, it will affect Canada. Thus, they are talking a lot about it on the new (tv or radio). I still don't believe how long those Elections go on for. Here in Canada, Federal usually runs just over 30 days, except the last one that was near 70 days (total) and we were all fed up. Imagine!
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    It's like driving by a car accident. I can't stop paying attention. I am almost more concerned for what happens after the election, as the divisiveness and lack of respect for multiple points of view and willingness to compromise to get things done seems to keep escalating. How do we come back together again and move forward to solve important problems?

    But to avoid it... well, when I'm on my bike or playing music I don't think about it much at all. So I've been doing a lot of both.
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    Little late on this one, but, like most people, we decided who will get our vote a long time, ago, so the whole thing is a colossal waste of money and time in our view. We're pretty much in a position to ignore it since we haven't watched program TV in many years. We get our mews, online, so we can pick and choose articles that interest us. Mostly just ignore the toxic stuff. Like everyone else, riding makes for great therapy.

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    I personally like the elections in France a whole lot better than in the U.S. We have reasonable and strict campaign finance laws (nothing as insane as Citizens United), strict spending ceilings and generous government subsidizing. No forms of paid commercial advertisements by candidates are allowed for the three months preceding an election….there are a small number of candidate ‘statements’ under strict rules on time and editing with equal time given to all candidates during the 5 weeks before the election. With those kinds of election laws and others we don’t have the kinds of constant skillfully managed negative political advertising messages that I see in this U.S. election…..and the less civil attitudes and less compassion towards others as a consequence.

    Personally I find volunteering in ways to help others in my community helps in keeping all the political acrimony at bay and giving myself positive purpose.

    ….and yes as with others posting also going for a pleasant or hard in the moment bike ride
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    We ran away and went camping and biking over the weekend. I am avoiding facebook and don't own a TV. I will say my facebook friends have diminished. I don't do politics on facebook and anyone who posts hateful and spiteful garbage is no longer on my list. Hang in there
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    I stopped watching the local news months ago. Thanks to Facebook's algorithms I rarely see anything there that ticks me off anymore. On Twitter I have muted the infuriatingly narrow-minded accounts that some people would retweet. On TV these days I mostly watch the Food Network, TCM or Morse, Lewis, Endeavor, George Gently and Poldark on PBS. (Seriously I am the only one who totally knew how Ross would stay out of debtor's prison -- it was so obvious.)

    I voted early -- in-person absentee -- because I don't work in the same county where I live and I expect there will be long lines tomorrow.

    I am sad that there are so many hateful people and so many people who think sexual assault is an okay thing to do. I am actually quite worried about what will happen tomorrow, regardless of who wins. This is a low point in our history.

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