Hi everyone, I am a new cyclist. I've been riding for 6 months and so far have completed a 34 mile event at the NC/SC border, and 2 half centuries. I absolutely love it. Many of my training rides when I am riding by myself tend to take place on a long beautiful paved rail-trail bike path in our town. Yesterday I swore I was only going to ride 20-25 miles. Long story short, the next thing I knew, I had ridden all the way to the end of the trail, so my ride ended up being 32 miles. This is a no-car trail, so it's not like I have to be vigilant for cars (more like deer and raccoons and things like that), etc. but it's just so weird to me that I find myself getting in the groove and feeling so great that I forget that I've ridden further than I intended to. Does anyone else ever do this???