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    Pain in right side before and after running

    I've been having pain on my right side for about three months now, from right under my chest to right under my belly button. I kept running on it, and have only stopped a couple of times during daily runs. It concerns me more now because it's been hurting after I'm done running. Sometimes there will be a random spasm of pain in the area, and the other day it was hurting whenever I laughed. I've researched on it and tried a fix where you exhale whenever you land on your left foot, which helped a bit. I usually experience the worst during the second mile+ of a run. Any ideas on what it is or how to treat it?

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    I had the EXACT same thing. It's a weak/tired muscle that may be in spasm on the side of your hip.

    Ice, ibuprofen, stretch, massage (active-release), rest, and do strengthening exercises in the area every day.

    Mine was so bad that I was limping, and ~1 week later I'm back running after taking 3 days off and 5 days easy



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