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Thread: September rides

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    May 2013
    north woods of Wisconsin

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    Been down and bruised more often than I like to admit - sometimes caused by surprisingly little things in the road and other times, as with your incident, more abrupt. Anyway, glad you were able to get up and walk away. Best wishes for a fast recovery.

    Been a long time since I've seen a Peregrine. Interestingly, it was in downtown Chicago, sitting high up on a fire escape. They have quite a successful Peregrine program, there, with the birds nesting on skyscrapers and pigeons as their main food source. Previous to that, saw a few Peregrines in their more natural habitat on prairie marshes in Nebraska.

    Speaking of raptors, one of the highlights of our recent week in Florida was the awesome number of Osprey I saw. Have never seen so many in one area. Stopped often to watch them dive for fish. We do have them up here, too, but nowhere near those numbers. This one was taken on our honeymoon to Mexico.
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    Sorry for your mishap AZ. I had to google the Merlin. Would I be showing my age with knowing it by its former name-- Pigeon Hawk?! Just did a quick search, so I don't actually know when it became known as a Merlin. Wow, the things I have learned here!

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    "Merlin" is an acronym for something at my job, so I was really confused for a minute. Now I can about birds when someone says it at work.

    Sorry to hear about the close calls, Emily and AZ. I'm glad there were no serious injuries.

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    Gorgeous Osprey photo, NWG. We see so many of them in Florida too.

    I posted a blog on our singletrack ride in northern Colorado a couple of weeks ago...such fun. Wish we could ride it again!


    Have not gotten to ride in awhile as we've been traveling. We just entered Ohio today and plan a road ride tomorrow. Can't wait -- we both need it, mentally and physically.

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